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 United States Immigration

Are you thinking of Emigrating to the United States


Are you a Student or a Visitor thinking of going to stay in the US for 4months or more 


Are you an Investor and considering relocating to US with your Family


United States Immigration is one of the most complex areas of Law in the world and most people are considering chasing the American dream 


Our UK based Immigration Attorney is qualified as a Solicitor in UK and an Attorney in United States hence the dual qualified experience makes it an advantage in understanding your circumstance in the UK and how you can emigrate to US without hassle. 


There are numerous types of visa and everybody's circumstance is different and unique so you will need to seek advice before you complicate your matter. 


Either you're considering E2 Investment Visa, L1 Visa, Spousal Visa or Student Visa, Call  0845 230 9540 or 0151 650 6480 for a free 20mins advice 


We're here to make your emigration to United States hassle free 





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